Gourmet mushroom Production

This programme is meant to empower the previously disadvantage who lack resources such as large pieces of land and water resources such as dams and boreholes to go into large scale production in organic agriculture. This program allows for these people to earn foreign currency for themselves as well as the country. If people are prepared to work hard it can turn people  from poor to rich. Combining skills ,knowledge and technology an area of 367m2 , 84m3 of water and 14 tons of agricultural waste(sawdust, wheat straw, maize cob husks) can produce  approximately 14 000kg of fresh mushroom or 1400kg of dry mushroom  in a period of between 56-84 days and this can sale for anything between R180-R250 per kg on fresh basis.

This project produces chemical free protein from agricultural waste and no chemicals are ever used during  production. The process is environmental friendly and sustainable unlike production of beef which is causing to global warming by production of methane gas.