What we do

Our Programmes

Trees planting program

In this program people living in townships, squatter camps, early childhood training centres(ECD) schools, old people homes rural areas can apply for donations for trees.
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Organic permaculture gardening short term

This is a programme for communities, schools ,early childhood training centres which are currently growing vegetables but are in serious need of resources such as garden tools, seeds ,seedlings, compost manure and skills.
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Organic permaculture gardening long term

This is done by groups which have graduated from the organic permaculture gardening short term. They would have shown potential to grow crops on bigger hectarage.
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Emerging farmer to Commercial farmer program

This programme is meant to give the emerging farmer the knowledge and skills for him to graduate from subsistence farming, only growing for his consumption to be able to grow more than for his home consumption and have excess for sale to markets.
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Commercial Farming

This program is meant for already commercial farmers who want to reduce cost at the same time want to increase returns per unit area but being conscious of the need to protect the soils and environment. This program is technologically driven, Precision agriculture, use of drones, minimum tillage, smart fertilizing, Integrated pests disease control(IPM). This is ideal for high value crops.
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Gourmet mushroom Production

This programme is meant to empower the previously disadvantage who lack resources such as large pieces of land and water resources such as dams and boreholes to go into large scale production in organic agriculture.
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